Farley's Forest Products is a 4th generation independent
timber company based in Alabama. We have been in the
timber business 36 years and have long-term relationships
with mills and private landowners. Because we are
independent, all of your timber needs can be handled with
one phone call. Farley's can assist in timber sales, help
market your timber or give appraisals of your land. We have
four teams of loggers with registered foresters on staff.
Farley's own their own trucks so we know deliveries are
made on time and run at peak capacity. Our chip and
biomass company takes excess and throwaways to
produce new products like energy and fuel so no part of the
forest is wasted. We also assist land owners conservation
and reforestation by helping develop a management plan to
ensure maximum growth and a healthy eco-system.

With two locations, Tuscaloosa and Linden, Alabama
Farley's is located near major interstates, the Tennessee-
Tombigbee Waterway and rail lines to ensure easy
transportation to your own plant, no matter where you are

Farley's Forest Products guarantees our products will be
delivered on time and at the price we quoted. Just give us a
call and learn why we are the best choice for your forestry

Welcome to Farley's Forest Products
Farley's Forest Product is an independent provider of wood products.
Farley's Forest Products own their own trucks so delivery is guaranteed.
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