How are we different?

Farley's Forest Products exists solely to serve the needs of our customers.
Our flexibility to customized orders, from harvesting to processing and
shipping, all with a quick turnaround allows you to count on a fast delivery.
That kind of customer satisfaction is how we have grown generation after
Farley's has four company-owned logging crews and five contractors that
share our love for the forest. All of our logging crews are PLM (Professional
Logging Management) certified and attend 6 hours of schooling yearly to
keep current with state and environmental issues. We have 3 registered
foresters on staff to assure that the logging crews have timber to harvest.
With all crews working we move around 10,000 tons per week of pulpwood
and logs. We are the only one-call independent owner timber company in
West Alabama.
In fact, Farley's Forest Products has several different companies, each
branch designed to maximize a single step of the manufacturing process.
We have a 26-acre wood yard in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where we store
wood, chip, etc for mills and truck it when they need it. This also assures us
of a constant flow of wood.
Alawood Chip and Biomass is an independent supplier of biomass,
providing quick turnaround and virtually any chip product you need. And
as a fourth-generation company, you can expect personal treatment with
every order. So contact us today and see why AlaWood is fueling a lot of
conversation in the industry
Lassiter Lumber, LLC is a Southern Yellow Pine grade mill that has
been in business over 100 years.  We specialize in export and domestic
Deep South Trucking, LLC is a trucking company dedicated to
transporting any and all wood products. Deep South Trucking has trucks,
double bunk log trailers, standard and walking floor chip trailers, flat beds,
and low-boys. This assures us of a constant flow of wood products and
the ability to deliver on time and at the price we quoted.
Southern Forestry Services Inc. is a forest management company. We
help with timber sales, boundary marking, inventory cruising, product
marking and timber appraisals for estate planning purposes. But the main
service is replanting or reforesting clear-cut land. We plant more than
5,000 acres per year. This assures us a healthy eco-system that future
forest generations can enjoy.
TGM LLC is the real estate land acquisition side. We purchase rural land
and do stand improvements and road construction. We have always
enjoyed the beauty of the forest and want to pass it down to our future
It is our mission to make it easy for you. That’s why we built our company
around your needs. Our one-source timber resource provides everything
you need in one call. At the same time, we at Farley's Forest Products
believe that harvesting and managing timber responsibly assures the
beauty and valuable resources will be available for generations to enjoy.
After all this is not just where we work, we live and play here as well.
Farley Forest Products
guarantees our product and its
quality. Our reports document
the process and each stage of
production to ensures quality
from seed to final product.
Couple that with a system that
knows where each load is at all
times. From when it leaves your
property to when it gets to the
final destination, whether by rail
cars, barges and more than 100
trucks. We monitor all loads and
at anytime during the week we
know exactly where your
product is. Let us show you why
our motto is anything, anytime,
Our Gaurentee