Supplying industry of all kinds in many ways.
Build your company around the customer. It's an old saying that few mills seem to
grasp. Yet while all kinds of industries realize the potential for biomass, every industry-
and every individual buyer-has specialized needs.

Farley's is adept at meeting your individualized specifications with customized manufacturing and quick
turnaround. Through our customer-centered operations and processes, we can ensure that our product fulfills
your precise specs, while fulfilling your deadlines.

To learn more about how Farley's provides unmatched product and service for your industry, contact us today.

From paper mills to energy producers. From homes to manufacturers of furniture and laminated surfaces to
farms. From backyards to decks to playgrounds. Everywhere you go Farley Forest Products provide wood
products to an incredibly diverse set of customers and industries. But no matter what they make, the end product
of our relationship is always the same-continued trust, a solutions focus, and a belief that we'll grow together.

Why Choose Us?

In a word? Customization. That means getting the product you need when you need it.

Family-owned, fourth generation. We've made it this far through nothing less than first-class service.